MyJar Reviews [Read Our Expert Opinion]

At first glance, MyJar might seem to be just another payday loan lender, but their services are slightly different and show a greater understanding of people’s needs. They offer three different short-term loan packages for three, six and 12 months. You do not need to […]

Arrow Loans Reviews [Read Our Expert Opinion]

Working as a direct loan lender as opposed to a broker means that Arrow Loans deal directly with their customers and do not charge any additional commission or broker fees. However, they do charge an arrangement fee of up to £495 which is added to […]

TFS Loans Reviews [Read Our Expert Opinion]

TFS Loans works to make their loan option easy to pay back without the traditional high-interest rates of comparable companies. With TFS Loans, interest rates are between 29.9% and 69.9% with the average interest rate of 39.9%. This means that loans can be paid by […]

Oakham Loans Review [Read Our Expert Opinion]

Oakam is a loan lender that is on offer to anyone who feels financially excluded, limited with a credit rating or needs urgent capital that can be received on the same day after a fast application, online or on the phone. Oakam does two different […]

Next Credit Reviews [Read Our Expert Opinion]

NextCredit is an instalment loan company who predominantly offer short-term loans to their customers in need. They are a very ethical lender and insist that a short-term loans purpose is to provide you with a lump sum of cash advance that’s payable over a period […]

Little Loans Reviews [Read Our Expert Opinion]

Little Loans are specialists in finding borrowers the best deals for short-term loans online. Operating as a broker to put their customers in touch with one of their 40 lenders, depending on their individual situation and needs. By working with a range of lenders, Little […]

Likely Loans Reviews [Read Our Expert Opinion]

Likely Loans began in 2014 and is owned by Oakbrook Finance. The goal from the start according to their CEO, Michael, was to provide an easily accessible place where those with less than perfect credit can acquire the necessary funds without the traditional hurdles to […]

Cash Float Reviews [Read Our Expert Opinion]

Cashfloat is a direct lender that also specialise in different types of loans such a payday loans and no credit check loans. Cashfloat can lend you anywhere between £200 to £1,100 depending on the type of financial situation you may currently be in. They operate […]

Bambo Loans Reviews [Read Our Expert Opinion]

Getting a loan through Bamboo Loans is relatively easy. It merely requires a three-step process beginning with information from the customer. Customers must show identification, such as a driver’s license, birth certificate or another form of ID. They also have to show proof of employment […]

1 Plus 1 Loans Reviews [Read Our Expert Opinion]

1 Plus 1 Loans works differently than other loan options. They provide loans to those with zero or low credit through a cosigner system. The customer acquires a broker, as in a friend or family member to help get them approved for the loan. It […]

Cash Float Review [Read Our Expert Opinion]

Western Circle Ltd that trades as Cashfloat is a responsible and profoundly honest direct lender offering loans of up to £1,100. The funds are released on the same day; once the application has been accepted. Those with bad credit are also accepted and decisions instant. […]

The Money Platform Review [Read Our Expert Opinion]

Offering a new and innovative approach to lending, The Money Platform facilitates peer to peer lending through their platform. Lenders deposits funds into their accounts and The Money Platform vets borrowers who have up to 84 days to repay the loan. The Money Platform take […]

Step One Finance Review [Read Our Expert Opinion]

Step One Finance is a UK-based consumer loans company that began in 2010. Offering a range of financial consumer products, Step One Finance have a borrowing solution to suit everyone. From guarantor loans when the borrower is not a homeowner, to homeowner loans for those […]

Ferrantum Money Review [Read Our Experts Opinion]

Operating in 22 countries, Ferratum is a popular short-term loan provider. Ferratum focuses on microloans, mobile and text loans which take just minutes to apply for and can cover unexpected financial needs. While money can be issued in a couple of hours, borrowers can choose […]

Lending Stream Review [Read Our Expert Opinion]

Lending Stream has simplified the payday loan process to make it much easier for customers. To apply for a loan with Lending Stream, customer need to be over 18 years old and a UK resident, they much have a monthly income of at least £400 […]

Piggy Bank Loans Review [Read Our Experts Opinion]

PiggyBank offers short-term loans for those living and working in the UK to meet financial emergencies and unexpected bills. Their online financial solution is ideally suited to cover unexpected and unforeseen expenses from car trouble, home repairs and bills to mitigate between now and payday. […]

Wageme Review [Read Our Experts Opinion]

A direct lender, offers short-term payday loans beginning from £50 to a maximum of £1,000. The lender provides short-term loans for offsetting emergency and unexpected situations only. As such,’s payday loans range from six days to 35 days until your next payday to […]

Drafty Loans Review [Read Our Expert Opinion]

One of the most innovative lenders, Drafty offers a unique solution to those who require funds at short notice. They do not provide payday loans or short-term loans, but a unique credit line they define as an on-going account a customer maintains with Drafty where […]

Creation Finance Review [Read Our Expert Opinion]

Creation Finance is a reputed personal loans provider in the UK’s financial market. The company offers straightforward products like credit cards, insurance, protection and PPI plans, and personal loans including retail loans, car loans and home improvement loans. Their website is easy to use, their […]

Peachy Loans Review [Read Our Expert Opinion]

Peachy is a direct lender and are a trading name of Cash On Go Ltd. Peachy create flexible short-term loans for their customers, where borrowers can choose the exact amount that they need from £100 to £1,000. Furthermore, customers have a flexible repayment term from […]

Car Loan Warehouse Review [Read Our Expert Opinion]

The Car Loan Warehouse has been a reputable and trusted car finance provider in the UK’s financial market since it was formed in 2012. The company is well known for it’s friendly, approachable and knowledgeable team which provides almost all kinds of new and used […]

Uncle Buck Review [Read Our Expert Opinion]

Uncle Buck has been a short-term loans provider since 2004. With authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority, Uncle Buck offers quick access loans to cater for unexpected financial emergencies and short-term pay-day coverage with the amount determined by an individual’s affordability and credit history. Their […]

Clever Lending Review [Read Our Experts Opinion]

Clever Lending is considered a specialist broker, covering a range of solutions for a variety of lending needs. The broker provides a variety of lending solutions, including second charge mortgages, first charge mortgages, and commercial loans. Part of the Totemic Group, they have a personalised […]

Chase Blue Loan Review [Read Our Expert Opinion]

Focused on the secured loan market, Chaseblue Loans are backed by the leading financial institution, Specialist Mortgage Group (SMG). Well-known financial company Y3S Group Limited also has a 50% ownership of Chaseblue Loans as the B2B broker grows their commitment to buying and building small […]

Citrus Loans Review [Read Our Expert Opinion]

As part of the Aspire Money Group, Citrus Loans are a broker who finds the right lender for their customers based on their individual needs. Having a specific search range for unsecured loans up to £25,000. Citrus Loans assess individual customer requirements and do all […]

Progressive Money Review [Read Our Expert Opinion]

Progressive Money is an established lender who focuses solely on unsecured, personal loans for homeowners. As part of The Darwin Group, Progressive Money can draw on ample expertise and central resources to deliver the best services possible for their customers. What is different about Progressive […]

Believe Loans Review [Read Our Expert Opinion]

As a part of Believe Money, Believe Loans offer a range of financial services as a broker. Working with a variety of lenders, Believe Loans use their specialist knowledge to help customers to find the right loans for them based on personal needs and circumstances. […]

Aspire Money Review [Read Our Expert Opinion]

Aspire Money is a reliable broker service offering assistance based upon your individual requirements. Since founding in 2010, the loan broker works with an extensive panel of lenders and providing the most suitable financial solutions for each of their clients. Aspire Money offers a wide […]

Pink Pig Loans [Read Our Experts Opinion]

For intermediaries looking for specialist financial packages, Pink Pig Loans provide a quick, exceptional service using their range of specially selected lenders. With a variety of services, Pink Pig Loans can help intermediaries secure the right loan package for their customers in a quick, convenient […]

The Loan Partnership [Read Our Expert Opinion]

The Loan Partnership is a company founded by two veterans of finance; Andy Pelley and John Webb. Both of them have over 40 years of experience in providing homeowners with financial solutions. With this expertise, The Loan Partnership offers a range of financial solutions for […]

Fluent Money Reviews [Read Our Expert Opinion]

As Fluent Money offers secured loans only, they only provide a loan broker service to homeowners. However, with only this stipulation, Fluent Money will accept CCJs as well as default and arrears. Using their panel of lenders that offer loans to a variety of customers […]

Ocean Finance Review [Read Our Expert Opinion]

Founded in 1991, Ocean Finance is perhaps one of the UK’s most well-known loan brokerage services thanks to their advertising, sponsorship and being a long-standing company that has helped over 250,000 people find the right loan for their needs. As a relatively significant player in […]

Everyday Loans Review [Read Our Expert Opinion]

Everyday Loans are a company that operates by supplying loans for people with ‘less than perfect’ credit scores. Whether the loans are for customers who have outstanding loans, no credit score due to status, being self-employed or various other contributing factors. As a company who […]

LendInvest Review [Read Our Experts Opinion]

Lend Invest is a property marketplace that enables individuals and companies to invest in property secured loans and to make it easier for borrowers to obtain a loan. With a focus on property finance, Lend Invest is an innovative platform with a specialist property underwriting […]

Shawbrook Bank Review [Read Our Experts Opinion]

Shawbrook Bank is a specialist bank offering lending and saving. With clear explanations of products, Shawbrook Bank instils trust within the customers and make sure that customers receive a tailored product that is appropriate to their needs. With a friendly, flexible and tailored approach to […]

The Money Shop Review 2018 [Read Our Experts Opinion]

Part of the second largest payday lender umbrella company, The Money Shop provides a range of financial assistance services for its customers both online and in hundreds of stores across the UK. The Money Shop strives to be exactly as its title, a money shop. […]

QuickQuid Review 2018 [Read Our Experts Opinion]

QuickQuid is one of the most selected lenders in the UK. QuickQuid is part of Enova International, a web-based lending company located in Chicago. Enova International was born in 2004, and since then it extended to many other countries and is now the host of […]

Loans Warehouse Reviews [Read Our Experts Opinion]

Winners of the What Mortgage Award for the Best Second Mortgage Broker for five years in a row, showcases itself as the ideal broker for second mortgages and personal loans. With their tagline as ‘no one works harder’, Loans Warehouse Ltd certainly set their […]

Besavvi Loans Review [Read Our Experts Opinion]

BeSavvi is a Yorkshire-based financial operator that is part of the Hitachi Capital (UK) PLC. The company provides financial products under the form of fixed personal loans, with an easy online application process and a repayment interval between two to five years, in a personalised, […]

Hitachi Finance Review [Read Our Experts Opinion]

Hitachi Personal Finance offer market-leading personal loans, getting customers the deals that they deserve. At least one in ten borrowers qualifies for lower rates. Hitachi Personal Finance is owned and controlled by The Hitachi Group, one of the globe’s biggest non-bank financial institutions. Their loans […]

RateSetter Reviews [Read Our Experts Opinion]

Launched in 2010 in the UK, RateSetter’s main drive is ensuring money works for its clientele, whether you are a borrower or investor. Investing with RateSetter comes at no fee, allow investors to begin earning fast in an award-winning company with a 100 percent track […]

Avant Credit Review [Read Our Experts Opinion]

Designed to make borrowing easier, AvantCredit considers its business model as lowering the barriers and costs of unsecured personal loans. AvantCredit wants to make accessing loans easier for their customers. As an online lender, AvantCredit focus on a quick application process and many borrowers receive […]

118 118 Money Loans Review [Read Our Expert Opinion]

118 118 Money provides medium term unsecured loans. If you need a loan of up to £5000 and then want to repay it over 12 to 24 months, then their offering may be worth considering. The interest rate charged by 118 118 Money depends on […]

Zopa Loans Review 2018 [Read Our Experts Opinion]

Zopa Loans, established in 2005, provides simple loans and smart investment solutions to individuals and institutional customers and investors. Founded in 2005, Zopa is one of the oldest and biggest peer to peer company. Zopa has 75,000+ active investors who have lent over £3 billion […]

Choice Business Loans Review 2017 [Read Our Experts Opinion]

Choice Business Loans is an alternative business finance broker working under the umbrella of Choice Money Ltd. Choice Business Loans focus on a range of alternative business finance options such as merchant cash advances and crowdfunding to provide their clients with loans they may not […]

TrustTwo Loans Review 2018 [Read Our Experts Opinion]

TrustTwo have a simple concept. As part of Everyday Lending Limited, Trust Two offers ‘joined up borrowing’. Essentially, TrustTwo is a guarantor loan, where they trust two people (the borrower and their guarantor) to pay back the loan. To make applying for a loan easy, […]