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Amicus PLC Reviews [Read Our Expert Opinion]

Jane Wardle

Written by Jane Wardle on July 12, 2018

Updated July 12, 2018

Amicus PLC reviews

Overall Rated: 4.3 / 5


Instead of focusing their attention on vast amounts of possible loans, Amicus PLC has streamlined their approach by offering loans for just four entities.

The first type of loan is the refurbishment loan. With this loan, Amicus can cover 100% of the works. Traditional bank loans tend only to cover new builds and refinances, so older buildings in need of repair suffer greatly. Amicus PLC believes in making old things new again with their refurbishment lending. This type of loan can be for anything from a bathroom or kitchen renovation all the way up to a large scale office building refurbishment. With loans available from £30,000 to £7,000,000, the customer can get their project up and running quickly with a six to 18-month payback option and 0.89% – 1.25% APR with a mere 2% arrangement fee.

With the second type of loan from Amicus PLC, the development loan, the developer can get quick financing for the project up to £7,000,000 with payback options from 12 – 18 months. APRs can range from, .89% – 1.25% and properties throughout England, Scotland, and Wales are considered for the loan. A 2% arrangement fee is added to the loan in the beginning, so there are no surprises at the end of the project. This type of loan is used for expansions of existing structures that require planning permission for the project to begin.

The third type of loan from Amicus PLC is the commercial loan. With Amicus PLC loan experts, the commercial developer can obtain funds for short-term commercial projects with low-interest rates between .75% and 1.5%. The same 2% arrangement fee is added to the loan in the beginning and interest is calculated on a daily basis. This loan is intended for first charge only.

The fourth loan option encompasses the auction finance. This option works for those requiring quick access to funds for auction purposes. Both commercial and residential loans are considered, and the loan size ranges from £30,000 – £2,000,000 with an interest rate of just 0.9%. The loan covers 70% for commercial and 75% for residential and maintains a 1% arrangement fee.

Trust & Reputation

Rated 4.3/5

Founded in 2002, Amicus PLC has grown to become the leading financial option for those in England, Scotland in Wales looking gain access to funds on a short-term payment basis. The company’s attention to detail and high concern for the wellbeing of their customers has gained them many awards throughout the years. Business Moneyfacts awarded the company the highly commended award for best bridging finance provider or both 2016 and 2017. They were also awarded the development lender of the year and bridging lender for the year in 2016 as well as Best STL Bridging Lender for 2016.

Expertise & knowledge

Rated 4.3/5

When customers trust the services of Amicus PLC, they are not just gaining access to funds, but a network of individuals invested in their success. Upon the first contact with Amicus, they send out heads of terms to assist in getting the right loan for the individual.

The application is then managed by the team to determine eligibility and availability of funds for the customer. Once funds are assessed, they are made available to the customer within just a few days. Reviews show that their promise to provide the right type of loan and easy to use process works for customers throughout the UK.

Customer Service

Rated 4.3/5

With so many loan companies turning to primarily an internet-based service format, the customer service aspect is often lost. At Amicus PLC, customers are encouraged to call and meet with representatives for that personal experience.

Customer service representatives are trained to assist customers with frequently asked questions and can get them to the right loan professional for more involved inquiries. Available by phone, email and face-to-face meetings, customers can enjoy responsive communication with knowledgable loan experts.