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Assured Property Finance Reviews [Read Our Expert Opinion]

Jane Wardle

Written by Jane Wardle on July 12, 2018

Updated July 12, 2018

Assured Property Finance Reviews

Overall Rated: 4.4 / 5


Assured Property finance is a small short-term lending firm. The company specializes in bridge lending, Mezzanine Finance, and Development Equity release. The bridge loans are typically designed for the 14 day to 12 month duration and is oriented to those that have a pending sale or a more long term mortgage pending. Potential clients should inquire if they are able to carry two loans at the same time, as there may be some overlap in the long-term and the bridge loan.

While there are two other categories for the loans, that being the Mezzanine and the Development Equity release, they all work upon the same premise as the bridge loan. This means that the property must have equity in order to secure the loan and that it is the property, not the individual who determines the principle allotted for the loan.

Trust & Reputation

Rated 4.4/5

The trust and reputation of the company is based upon Leon Foxwell’s years of experience in the field. With over 25 years in UK banking, he brings his knowledge to the field. While the company is still relatively new and there has yet to be an abundance of customer reviews, this does not mean that the company is not reputable. Quite to the contrary. Generally, when reviews are found on a business, especially on a short term bridge loan company, the information is negative. It could be that the limited reviews are a sign of satisfied customers.

Expertise & knowledge

Rated 4.4/5

Assured Property Finance hosts a small team of professionals with over 25 years of lending experience. The individuals of the Assured Property Finance team have worked at the Royal bank of Scotland as well as in sectors of South East & Norther Home Countries, and London. Assured Property Finance continuously evolves to meet the financial standards of the UK, as well as to remain competitive in the short term loan market.

Customer Service

Rated 4.4/5

Many services and references are available to the potential client. Primarily, content from the company’s blog page will be helpful. The blog is a general forum for information concerning short-term bridge loans, and answers some of the fundamental questions, such as who should take out a bridge loan, the purpose of a bridge loan, and assured residential developer equity release.

Contacting the company for inquiries or for comments and concerns is primarily done through the submission form on the site. In most of the relationship based interactions, clients will work with Lori Campbell, assistant lending manager. Lori’s role ensures that the needs are upheld and that deadlines are met.

When considering a new loan with Assured Property Finance, you will work with both Leon Foxwell (lending manager) as well as Lori Campbell. As each case is based upon merit, and as the company is small and rather new, the process and development will be very hands-on.