Chase Blue Loan Review [Read Our Expert Opinion]

Jane Wardle

Written by Jane Wardle on March 5, 2018

Updated March 15, 2018

Overall Rated: 4 / 5


Focused on the secured loan market, Chaseblue Loans are backed by the leading financial institution, Specialist Mortgage Group (SMG). Well-known financial company Y3S Group Limited also has a 50% ownership of Chaseblue Loans as the B2B broker grows their commitment to buying and building small businesses within the industry.

With a commitment to excellent service, Chaseblue Loans focus on a transparent service for brokers and intermediaries. Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and having ISO 9001 accreditation as a commitment to quality, Chaseblue Loans try to focus a unique service offering complete with exclusive products.

With a focus on transparency, clarity and excellent customer services, Chaseblue Loans offer a financial consultancy service with a difference. Servicing a wide range of customers, Chaseblue Loans make sure to help as many clients and introducers as possible with a variety of financial solutions.

Their focus on high levels of service is noted by their regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority.  As well as this, Chaseblue Loans has accreditation with ISO 9001 for quality management and Investors in People. The business has even begun implementing the principles of the European Foundation for Quality Management into their service offering.

Trust & Reputation

Rated 4/5

Thanks to the support of Y3S Group Limited, Chaseblue Loans have built up a huge prominence within the industry. In fact, Chaseblue Loans have received the accolade of being one of the Fast Growth 50 businesses, thanks to the respect and reputation of the company.

Since 2007 when the business was founded, Chaseblue Loans have quickly built up a business model that focuses on excellent service and trust. Their ability has not gone unnoticed, and Chaseblue Loans were highly commended for Medium Broker of the Year in the Loan Talk Awards 2015.

Expertise & knowledge

Rated 5/5

Thanks to the 50% buy-in from the Y3S Group Limited, Chaseblue Loans have further widened their expertise thanks to the knowledge sharing from arguably one of the biggest business to business broker services in the UK. With this support, it has certainly allowed Chaseblue Loans to grow and utilise some of the central resources available such as marketing, finance and compliance which have helped to improve the service of Chaseblue Loans. It has also helped to drive the business with industry best practice. With this in mind, customers can be sure of a compliant, regulated service that follows the most prominent B2B broker in the UK in its strategy.

Customers can benefit from their expertise thanks to a service that provides a dedicated broker manager. This relationship can ensure that customers receive the best offer and knowledge based on their individual requirements. It is this tailored service that is a major draw for intermediaries and clients.

Customer Service

Rated 4/5

Committing to quality, especially with regards to financial regulation as well as a quality management system in place, upheld by ISO 9001 accreditation, customer service is clearly a high priority for Chaseblue Loans.

Further testament to their customer service is the fact that Chaseblue Loans work closely with their selection of lenders to secure unique loan deals for their customers. With brokers and intermediaries enjoying contracts they would not be able to find anywhere else when they come to quoting with Chaseblue Loans, it is clear that the broker service offers something special. Their fun, friendly yet informative nature has certainly impressed customers. On independent review site, Feefo, customers have awarded Chaseblue Loans with an incredible score of 4.9 out of 5. With no negative feedback from the reviews received so far this year, it is undoubtedly an impressive feat for the company.

Customers have praised Chaseblue Loans for their professional and friendly service and the fact that account managers keep their clients up to date throughout the whole process. Clients also appreciate individual members of staff, showing a commitment to personalised service.