Clearly Loans Review [Read Our Experts Opinion]

Jane Wardle

Written by Jane Wardle on February 4, 2018

Updated March 5, 2018

Overall Rated: 4 / 5


Clearly Loans provides secured loans through secured loan brokers for their customers. Promoting a quick and simple three-step application process, Clearly Loans truly live their brand values as they make their service provision clear and easy to understand.

With a broker service, Clearly Loans offer a quick loan calculator and transparent terms and conditions so that brokers can clearly state the features of the loans so that customers can make an informed decision with no stress or hassle. Customers can also choose to pay back their loans using the simple payment processing box on the Clearly Loans website.

Clearly Loans is a secured loan lender that is accessible via brokers only. On their website, brokers can use their simple loan calculator to determine a quote for their customers. From their brokers need to fill out a quick and straightforward three-step application process to see if their customer’s loan will be accepted.

Clearly Loans is a business created by the founders of Loans Warehouse. Loans Warehouse is a popular and award-winning broker who focuses on second mortgages and personal loans. The founders of Loans Warehouse have created a partnership with former investment banker Garry Monaghan to bring Clearly Loans to life. With the knowledge and expertise of Loans Warehouse behind Clearly Loans, it enables both businesses to have a unique understanding and expertise in the fields of brokerage and lending.

Trust & Reputation

Rated 5/5

With a specialist focus on secured loans, Clearly Loans can hone in on their niche and build their reputation as the first choice provider for favourable secured loans. With the expertise and reputation of esteemed Loans Warehouse behind the operations, this further strengthens the trust of the organisation and makes Clearly Loans a clear choice for their experience in secured loans.

Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, Clearly Loans focus on their transparency. The information they give brokers is straightforward and simple to understand which helps when brokers then explain the features of the loans to customers. Clearly Loans also offers a safe and secure payment feature on their website to allow customers to pay back their loans.

Clearly Loans relies on brokers to best serve their customers, however, do offer customers a contact point should they receive anything short of the high standards of professionalism that Clearly Loans expects from its brokers.

Despite using a broker service, Clearly Loans do build up a high reputation with customers thanks to the wealth of helpful information on their website that clearly explains their product and service offering.

Rated 5/5

With Clearly Loans having the expertise of Loans Warehouse, Clearly Loans has a distinct advantage in the market as it can utilise both lending and brokerage knowledge and experience. With the founders of Loans Warehouse as well as experienced investment banker taking the reins of Clearly Loans, it is evident that the business has a wealth of expertise.

The knowledge of the industry is clear with the fact that Clearly Loans offers a simple three-step application plan and an easy to use loan calculator, making it easy for brokers to create a quote for their customers.

Furthermore, Clearly Loans also plenty of advice and guidance for customers and brokers on their website, showcasing their knowledge across the field and how they wish to help others.

Customer Service

Rated 5/5

As Clearly Loans is accessed through brokers, there are a limited number of customer reviews available. However, the Twitter and Facebook sites of Clearly Loans have a large following indicating that Clearly Loans does deliver to their customers and will continue to make it easy for brokers to quote for loans and submit applications so that they can best serve their customers.