Evolution Money Review [Read Our Experts Opinion]

Jane Wardle

Written by Jane Wardle on February 4, 2018

Updated February 12, 2018

Overall Rated: 5 / 5


Featured on the Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100 league table for the second year in a row, Evolution Money boasts an impressive 4.7/5 on Feefo.com and a promising ‘we like to say yes’ mantra for supplying loans of up to £20,000 to existing homeowners.

At Evolution Money, the customer is really at the heart of everything they do. Priding themselves on their mantra to assess a customer’s situation rather than their credit score and ensuring they are always doing everything they can to help.

Their central values are evidently shown on the website, those designed to build a trusting relationship through the use of integrity, honesty, excellent service, passion and ownership. The company not only prides itself on its goals for customer’s requirements but also on its team. Employing 170 team members in Manchester, they ensure that the team are fully trained in compassion, and all have a full understanding of the implications that come with needing a loan.

Evolution Money further proves this compassion and caring through their outreach community work, helping with volunteering projects for primary schools, homeless charities and so much more.


Trust and Reputation

Rated 5/5

Loan companies often receive mixed reviews online, however, this is not the case with Evolution Money. Sharing on their website links to customer reviews they have personally received as well as those posted through third party reviewing sites shows a well-rounded variation of reviews with all state the same fact; excellence.

Boasting a promising 4.7 out of 5 on feefo.com based on 86 reviews over the past year, 69 of said reviews were given a five-star rating. This shows a clear message regarding the company and its success in meeting the resounding trust status with its customers, with nearly all of the positive reviews mentioning things along the lines of ‘first class’ and ‘above and beyond service’.

Expertise and Knowledge

Rated 5/5

Excellent working relationships are the primary expertise that Evolution Money strives for. Their commitment to ensuring every application is assessed by more than statistics means that the staff interacts with the customers on a personal basis regularly, through emails, phone calls and face to face chats. Running a business where the team communicates with customers on such a personal basis gives them daily opportunity to further develop their skills within the company and the ability to deal with a variety of situations so that the customer is always satisfied.

Knowledge comes from the training of the team as well as their on-job experience. Including off-site legal training in all things money, the majority of the staff embark on an in-depth training programme to ensure they are prepared to begin working effectively on their first day in the office. The close-knit team are always open to helping each other out meaning if an advisor were stuck on any aspect they would have an informed answer to the problem from a colleague ready to help them out.

Customer Service

Rated 4/5

“Treated as an individual, not a number. They do exactly what they say. No hidden stuff”.

The above review shows the high levels of customer service that are provided by the business. Their personal touch and desire to develop trust with the customers prove a positive way to promote and conduct a loan related business. Taking away the formality of money and finances, Evolution Money makes sure that customers remember them for their professionalism, personalised service and popular reputation which is evident from there site and across online reviews.

Having advisors who deal with a claim personally from start to finish means they understand the situation and the customer should any problems arise. No one likes calling a company multiple times about the same topic and having to explain yourself to a new employee each time. Evolution Money has taken this factor away, with positive and self-promoting effects.