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Ferratum Business Loans Reviews [Read Our Expert Opinion]

Jane Wardle

Written by Jane Wardle on July 12, 2018

Updated July 12, 2018

ferratum-business reviews

Overall Rated: 4.1 / 5


Ferratum Group was founded in 2005 with headquarters in Helsinki, Finland. Since inception to date, Ferratum has become synonymous with automated banking frameworks, sales experts and centralised innovation and technology after having been a pioneer in the financial technology industry and provision of mobile banking solutions across the world. Ferratum Group launched their UK lending division on 15 June 2017 as Ferratum Business.

Ferratum Business offers business loans across the UK with a quick online decision and rapid application process that takes minutes. Ferratum Business is FCA regulated and authorised and registered to operate within the UK.

The business loans range between £2,000 and £50,000 with repayment terms of between 6 months and 18 months. No collateral is demanded although your business must be based in the UK, maintained at least £75,000 yearly turnover and must have been operating in the UK for at least two years. A business bank account is also required, including a UK physical address.

Ferratum Business has very transparent terms with fixed monthly repayments. They approach the application process differently by basing their decisions to offer business loans to UK businesses through cash flows and not credit scores. Collateral is not required while the safe and secure process is paperless.

The process of application is very simple. Ferratum Business loans applications are done online and take minutes as you indicate more about the business and the amount of funding you need. A loan offer is then made and after reviewing the interest rate and monthly payment you can accept the loan offer. Once the entire application process for funding is concluded and approved, the money is then transferred to the provided account in just a single business day.



Trust & Reputation

Rated 4.1/5

One of the best things about any lender is the trust accorded to it by regulatory bodies and reputation through recognition. Having been in operation for over 12 years through Ferratum Group, but less than one year in the UK, Ferratum Business has gone through all the rigours of being authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and created a physical address and registered in the UK to offer business loans to SMEs. Ferratum Business has also been feted for innovative customer service and took the runner-up position for ‘Customer Service Champion’ in the 2017 Consumer Credit Awards.

Expertise & knowledge

Rated 4.1/5

Ferratum Business harnesses the expertise and extensive knowledge of the Ferratum Group of over 12 years. Ferratum Group was launched in 2005 and has headquarters in Helsinki, Finland and division offices in Liverpool, Perth, Copenhagen, Vilnius and Stockholm. The company has operations in 24 countries and already trading publicly on the FSE (Frankfurt Stock Exchange).

Ferratum Group has also shown its unique, innovative approach to offering financial services by launching its Ferratum Mobile Bank publicly in Norway, Sweden and Germany. Ferratum Business provides unique consumer interface, personal customer service and a transparent lending process through partners, mobile applications and website.

Customer Service

Rated 4.1/5

Ferratum Business thrives on harnessing customer satisfaction, innovation and technology. On Trustpilot, Ferratum Business has an 8.2 TrustScore out of 10 for a ‘Great’ overall assessment. However, this score is from just ten reviews, and more reviews would help to instil further confidence in customers looking to work with Ferratum Business for future business financing.