LendInvest Review [Read Our Experts Opinion]

Jane Wardle

Written by Jane Wardle on February 4, 2018

Updated June 18, 2018

Overall Rated: 5.0 / 5


Lend Invest is a property marketplace that enables individuals and companies to invest in property secured loans and to make it easier for borrowers to obtain a loan. With a focus on property finance, Lend Invest is an innovative platform with a specialist property underwriting team.

Lend Invest began in 2008 as a property loans company. With extensive UK property knowledge, Lend Invest is able to underwrite property loans with competitive rates. Expanding from this, Lend Invest opened a platform for smart property investment. This investment platform allows individuals and companies to invest in loans, with the security of being property-backed.

So far, Lend Invest investors have provided £1.1 billion in loans to borrowers. Borrowers have bought, built or renovated over 3,500 properties throughout the UK. Their innovative approach has made them a leading company for lending and investing.

Lend Invest is considered one of the UK’s largest non-bank mortgage lenders. In 2016, the business was listed on the Sunday Times and Virgin Media’s Disrupt 10, for their innovative business platform. In 2017, Lend Invest reached position 37 in the Sunday Times Tech Track 100.


Trust & Reputation

Rated 5.0/5

Being fully regulated and having a team of experienced property professionals and underwriters helps to provide security and trust for both borrowers and investors to ensure that everyone is receiving a fair deal.

Since Lend Invest began lending in 2008, they have built a strong reputation helped by their media coverage as an innovative business that has broken the mould in the UK mortgage industry. With displayed statistics of the lending and investing, both borrowers and investors can feel at ease and understand more about the way Lend Invest operate.

Lend Invest also prioritise risk in their business set-up. The knowledge team have a combined 75 years of experience in underwriting. This expertise is combined with the latest technology and date to make sure each decision is carefully considered, and the risk is sufficiently reviewed.

Expertise & knowledge

Rated 5.0/5

With FCA regulation and a team of skilled underwriters, Lend Invest make sure every opportunity is thoroughly assessed helping both the borrower and investor to feel secure and comfortable with the property marketplace.

Thanks to the expertise of Lend Invest, the team make sure to complete extensive due diligence. The team also obtain third-party property valuations from RICS registered valuers. For investors, they can be sure that all borrowers are thoroughly vetted. Checks for borrows include court registry searches and credit checks. While this is beneficial for investors, and all circumstances are considered, it may mean that not all applicants will receive a loan.

For further peace of mind, and a sign that Lend Invest take their business seriously, they have a range of comprehensive insurance policies in place to cover loans, particularly if loans are lost through crime or fraud.

Lend Invest use their website to make sure that investors and borrowers completely understand the service and have access to the information and support they need at any time. A testament to this is the clear statement that capital may be at risk when using the platform. Lend Invest clearly display that there is no coverage of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme if investors choose to use the platform.

Customer Service

Rated 5.0/5

With a detailed due diligence process, customers can be assured of a personal and detailed service with Lend Invest. The team are property and underwriting specialists, meaning you can have the support and knowledge of an experienced professional when dealing with the team. Lend Invest also offer a range of contact options, to make sure customers receive the support they need in the format they prefer.

As further evidence of their customer service, Lend Invest have almost 200 reviews on independent review site, Trustpilot. Lend Invest currently have a TrustScore of 8.2 out of 10, giving the business a rating of ‘great’. Customers regularly comment on the ease of use of their platform as well as their professional and robust due diligence.

Customers do offer valuable feedback for Lend Invest too. Some have mentioned that the rates are lower than other property investment platforms, however, Lend Invest make sure to respond to critical feedback in order to improve the customer experience and help where possible.