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Likely Loans Reviews [Read Our Expert Opinion]

Jane Wardle

Written by Jane Wardle on July 12, 2018

Updated July 12, 2018

Likely Loans Review

Overall Rated: 4.8 / 5


Likely Loans began in 2014 and is owned by Oakbrook Finance. The goal from the start according to their CEO, Michael, was to provide an easily accessible place where those with less than perfect credit can acquire the necessary funds without the traditional hurdles to overcome. Even though Likely Loans has just three years of experience, their parent company, Oakbrook Finance was founded in 2011, so with both companies, experience is never an issue.

Where national loan companies tend to dominate the industry, Likely Loans maintains a smaller staff to keep the intimate relationship with clients throughout the UK. Thus far, Likely Loans has been able to assist over 100,000 customers with over £206 million in loans given over the lifetime of the company. Likely Loans is in the business of helping average people obtain necessary funds when the traditional bank loans are not an option.




Trust & Reputation

Rated 4.8/5

The company approach to lending is unique compared to many others within the UK. Their trust and reputation have been built by offering customers an uncomplicated loan process in which the customer maintains full knowledge of the loan at hand. There are no hidden fees to contend with, and Likely Loans works closely with clients to ensure that they have the available funds to make the payments for the duration of the loan.

Likely Loans also understands that there are times where situations may change resulting in an inability to pay the payment. The company asks that should such a situation arise, that the customer merely call and talk to one of the friendly loan officers and they will assist the customer in coming up with a new payment plan that better fits with their current situation.

Trust and reputation are not built on promises alone but proven by results. Likely Loans has built its reputation and has established itself with thousands of online reviews from real customers. The company maintains a staggering 4.9 out of five-star approval rating on Feefo with customers boasting about the care and concern for their individual situation offered by Likely Loans. Their reputation is further enhanced by being a winner of the Moneyfacts Consumer Award for 2017. This high honour was achieved through diligence and hard work from the dedicated staff at Likely Loans.

Expertise & knowledge

Rated 4.8/5

The no-nonsense approach to lending is where Likely Loans is set apart from so many other loan companies in the UK. Repayment plans are set up for a period of between 12 to 60 months depending on the needs and the amount the customer is willing to pay for the payments.

With Likely Loans, there is not a long process to contend with to know if you are approved. The process actually begins with the customer calling the company directly and talking to a loan professional. They are only required to tell the representative a little about themselves, and a decision will be reached in just a few minutes. Customers can also access Likely Loan’s online reference tool to determine how their perspective loan will work without even talking to a customer representative. Once a decision has been made regarding the loan, funds will be deposited within the customer’s account in just 24 hours, so the process is a quick three-step process, call the company, get a decision, and get your money. It could not be simpler.

Customer Service

Rated 4.8/5

Having good customer service is the benchmark of any company and the high praise given to Likely Loans through their many positive reviews, proves that this company is trustworthy and maintains a high level of customers service. Likely Loans is not a large loan company by any means and its 96 employees work diligently to ensure that each customer is taken care of in a professional and understanding manner. It is that high level of customer commitment that has proven to maintain the high percentage of return and new business brought into the company.