Mr Lender Review 2018 [Read Our Experts Opinion]

Jane Wardle

Written by Jane Wardle on February 2, 2018

Updated June 18, 2018

Mr Lender

Overall Rated: 5.0 / 5


A well-established short-term loan company, Mr Lender, has achieved a range of awards including ‘Best Short Term Loan Provider’ and ‘Customer Service Champion’. A well-rounded and popular company, Mr Lender, are perfect for helping when your paycheck just isn’t stretching this month.

Mr Lender is an award-winning company, well established in the payday loans sector. Their fast and online application process offers customers a range of amounts, instalments and up to six months to pay back the loan.

The company covers all bases, having an easy application process, an impressive range of services and excellent responses and reviews from their customers. Perfect for a short-term solution without breaking the bank, the company should be the go-to for any customer needing a little bit of extra help.

Trust & Reputation

Rated 5.0/5

On their website, Mr Lender boasts an impressive display of their awards, reviews, and success. Customers who need help fast can see just from the home page that the company is highly regarded within the sector and is a company that can be trusted. Looking at the most popular third-party review websites, this positive reception is further displayed.

Mr Lender has won various awards for customer service, holding the title of ‘Customer Service Champions’ for two consecutive years. Their attention to detail and ability to personalise every customer experience gives them the edge that helped achieve these awards and ensure their customers are always happy. While their online application service is regularly noted as excellent, they also have a wealth of team members available for any times that the website is not enough.

Expertise & knowledge

Rated 4.0/5

Looking at the number of awards the company has won, it is clear they are one of the leading companies in the industry. Specialising in short-term loans only means the company is able to focus in on one area of expertise, rather than offering lots of financial aid. This is something it is clear Mr Lender have done, and their process for providing and developing personalised short-term loans is clearly second to none, a statement further supported by looking at their third-party reviews.

Mr Lender has a loan range of £200 to £1,000 with a repayment timescale of three to six months. Offering such a high amount for such an amount of time is impressive of a company like this, and shows that they have the process working in a way that benefits their customers and their business. The staff at Mr Lender clearly have experience in helping their customers get exactly what they want. The high volume of applications they have dealt with will give them a high level of expertise and knowledge on each and every new set of circumstances that they help with.

Customer Service

Rated 5.0/5

The names of advisors are regularly mentioned in the third party reviews, further confirmation of how personalised the staff’s customer service is. With online lending companies, it is not uncommon to have different employees working on different stages to ensure success and efficiency for the business. Having reviews naming staff shows a commitment to customer services. For Mr Lender, it is common for a particular team member to regularly updating and assisting their customer.

For measuring customer service, Mr Lender uses independent review sites. Their highest rating, advertised on is an impressive 98% based on over 21,000 reviews. Of these 21,000 reviews over 18,000 are five-star and only 94 falls at one-star. This remarkable collection of reviews provides accuracy and balance in the representation of the company. Mostly mentioning excellent service, rates and the simplicity of the application, gives a precise profile of the company and how it is run. Another popular review website, Trustpilot, presents similar findings. Of almost 2,500 reviews 90% are rated as ‘excellent’ while only 1% are ‘bad’. While the amount of reviews on this particular site is lower, it is still an impressive range in presenting the quality of the company. Similar to, the reviews commend the company for excellent customer service, simplicity, and reasonable rates.