Peachy Loans Review [Read Our Expert Opinion]

Jane Wardle

Written by Jane Wardle on March 21, 2018

Updated March 21, 2018

Overall Rated: 4 / 5


Peachy is a direct lender and are a trading name of Cash On Go Ltd. Peachy create flexible short-term loans for their customers, where borrowers can choose the exact amount that they need from £100 to £1,000. Furthermore, customers have a flexible repayment term from one month to up to a year. With a simple online application process and an easy to use platform, customers can enjoy a friendly, accessible service for quick financial help when they need it most.

Based in Manchester, Peachy are a UK company that focuses on being a direct lender that is safe and secure. With a critical objective of online safety, Peachy has a DigiCert SSL secure certificate to show they operate with best practice regarding online data security. They also follow data protection regulations to further enhance their safety for peace of mind of their customers.

So far, Peachy has helped almost two million customers since their first loan was issued in 2011. With flexible borrowing amounts as well as repayment terms and an average 947% APR, customers know exactly what they will receive when borrowing from Peachy.

In fact, Peachy make their services completely transparent, even displaying that their most popular loan amount with 33% of their customers opting for a loan amount between £151 and £250. This transparency helps to build the trust and reliability of the company, making them a popular lender.

Trust & Reputation

Rated 4/5

By being regulated by the FCA and have many links to external bodies to improve their services, it is clear that Peachy want to be a leader with the best practices in the industry. Since 2011, Peachy has grown quickly, and the fact that they showcase their key statistics such as customer numbers and popular loans to build trust with their customers further.

With over 1,000 independent reviews, customers can have peace of mind of the service that Peachy offer. Furthermore, customers can take comfort that Peachy is highly regarded in the industry and have been finalists in the Credit Today Awards in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Expertise & knowledge

Rated 4/5

Peachy has built their reputation on the fact that they are a responsible lender and take the safety and security of their customers very seriously. In fact, Peachy has built up a relationship with a range of agencies and external bodies so that they can provide their customers with the best services possible.

Peachy has wisely made connections with a range of external bodies which has shown their expertise in the industry and covering all aspects of risks too. Peachy work with CIFAS how help to prevent fraud so that borrowing is easier for clients. The lender also has a relationship with Norton Secured to make sure all information on their website is encrypted o help to protect customer data.

With their connections to the CSA, Peachy can ensure that unpaid credit is paid back in a realistic and responsible manner. To help to reduce the risk, Peachy work with Call Credit to help ensure that Peachy have an accurate credit overview of all of their customers.

Customer Service

Rated 4/5

On independent review site, Trustpilot, Peachy has received over 1,000 reviews from customers who have given the lender an overall score of ‘great’ with four stars out of five. In fact, 87% of customers give Peachy a rating of great or excellent which is a score of four or five stars out of five. This high score has given Peachy a current trust score of 8.5 out of ten.

Customers compliment the quick service, where loans can be received in less than an hour. Customers also comment on how convenient and helpful the service is which is a testament to the fact that customers can choose their loan amount and repayment terms with ease. As a commitment to customer service, it is clear that Peachy care about the reviews they receive as they actively monitor and respond to customer feedback which shows that they use customer feedback to continue to shape and improve their service offering.