Pink Pig Loans [Read Our Experts Opinion]

Jane Wardle

Written by Jane Wardle on March 5, 2018

Updated June 18, 2018

Overall Rated: 4.0 / 5


For intermediaries looking for specialist financial packages, Pink Pig Loans provide a quick, exceptional service using their range of specially selected lenders. With a variety of services, Pink Pig Loans can help intermediaries secure the right loan package for their customers in a quick, convenient way.

With a sole focus of making the life of an intermediary easier, Pink Pig Loans have a specially selected panel of lenders that they work with so that they can quickly review customer requirements and get back to the intermediary with the best offer for their client.

With a healthy relationship with a range of lenders, Pink Pig Loans have secured a variety of loan packages with excellent rates that are unique to Pink Pig Loans. Furthermore, Pink Pig Loans offer an excellent commission structure to help the intermediaries too.

With over 11 years in business, Pink Pig has a solid relationship with a range of lenders and work competitively to make sure they become a go-to broker for intermediaries. As part of the Specialist Mortgage Group, Pink Pig Loans can enjoy a broader range of industry knowledge and best practice.

Trust & Reputation

Rated 5.0/5

With a strong reputation and business model, it was no surprise when mortgage group, Y3S wanted to acquire a 50% shareholding in Pink Pig Loans. Y3S regularly invest in businesses to help improve the growth and development. The partnership between Pink Pig Loans and Y3S has undoubtedly contributed to accelerating the growth. Furthermore, Pink Pig Loans can draw on the expertise and best practice that Y3S put forward as one of the biggest brokers in the UK. The customer demand has undoubtedly strengthened the reputation of Pink Pig Loans. In 2017, secured £85 million in bridging loans and £140 million in second charge mortgages. The trust of Pink Pig Loans extends further than customers but to lenders too. In 2017, Pink Pig Loans helped Optimum Credit with a £900,000 second charge loan, which was the largest loan for the lender. It is requests such as these which has helped Pink Pig Loans to gain favourable deals with their panel of lenders.

Expertise & knowledge

Rated 5.0/5

With over 11 years in the industry, Pink Pig Loans have worked hard to secure the best possible deals with a panel of lenders to help customers and intermediaries. The team at Pink Pig Loans is comprised of experienced advisors and underwriting specialists so that customers can be sure of a high quality of service.

The knowledge in the industry has helped to ensure that intermediaries receive unique rates which are often better than they may receive elsewhere. With an understanding of the intermediary process, Pink Pig Loans work hard to make the process smooth and straightforward for customers and intermediaries alike. Aspects such as 72-hour processing of mortgages help customers to receive an excellent service, and regular communication helps the intermediary to deliver status updates to customers when required.

Customer Service

Rated 4.0/5

As Pink Pig Loans only work with intermediaries and not directly with customers, they do not currently utilise any independent review sites or forums. The customer service, however, can be seen by the strong lending panel that offers exclusive deals to customers and intermediaries. The fact that Pink Pig Loans also provide handsome commission deals for intermediaries also improves their customer service to the intermediary while speedy responses help the customer.

With a dedicated team and prominence in the industry with helping lenders to achieve record-breaking lending, Pink Pig Loans are certainly a business that is beneficial to lenders, intermediaries and customers.