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Solution Loans Reviews [Read Our Expert Opinion]

Jane Wardle

Written by Jane Wardle on July 12, 2018

Updated July 12, 2018


Overall Rated: 4.7 / 5


Most loan companies maintain an office or phone contact options, but Solution Loans has found it more beneficial to work with an online platform solely. This means that they are available 24 hours a day seven days a week and can provide optimal service to their customers at all times.

They also differ in the fact that Solution Loans offers a wide range of loan options instead of focusing on one style. Solutions Loans works with a variety of different lender services and are always looking to add more affiliates to their growing ranks to serve customers best.

Those that have been rejected by other loan options in the past can significantly benefit from Solution Loans as they are better equipped to find the right loan for the right person through their services and that of their affiliates. Loans available from Solution Loans are available from £500 all the way to £25,000, so no matter the customer needs, they have a way to help.




Trust & Reputation

Rated 4.7/5

Trusting a loan company is important, but can be challenging to do. Solution Loans has proven they are trustworthy by working with hundreds of thousands of people throughout the UK. Reviews show that their online system is fast and efficient as their current rating on top review sites such as Trustpilot stands at 8.5 out of ten. Most loans can be processed within 24 hours and directly deposited into the customer’s bank account. Solution Loans also maintains a number of options for those without a bank account.

Expertise & knowledge

Rated 4.7/5

Solution Loans has greatly streamlined the loan process for all of their available loans and maintain an easy to use format. In just four steps, customers are provided with a safe and secure loan with a range of repayment options and solutions for those who face hardships during the loan process.

Even though the company is primarily online, their employees are available through online chat options directly on the website. Customers throughout the UK that have used the service boast that representatives are knowledgeable and polite when contacted.

Loans range from £500 to £25,000 and options are available for virtually any type of loan needed. Unlike other loan options, Solution Loans provides a remarkably low representative APR of 14.2%. This low APR may be due to the online presence rather than a set office, so the company houses far less overhead than traditional loan options. Those with bad, zero, or little credit are encouraged to use Solution Loans as their options may help increase your credit, and they have many options for those who have had credit issues in the past.

Customer Service

Rated 4.7/5

With Solution Loans, customers are guaranteed fair treatment. Their charter maintains that each customer will be managed in a fair and courteous manner. Customer service representatives are available to assist customers in making smart loan decisions for their financial situation, and all that is required is proof of income, identification, proof of residence, and a valid debit card. Solution Loans has grown to become one of the top loan resources in the UK, but they never stop making intelligent changes to their website and business to ensure that their customers are taken care of in the best way possible. The fact that Solution Loans does not charge upfront fees means that they are the ideal solution for anyone seeking help with any financial situation.