United Trust Bank Review [Read Our Experts Opinion]

Jane Wardle

Written by Jane Wardle on February 4, 2018

Updated February 27, 2018

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Overall Rated: 5 / 5


Named the Specialist Bank of the Year 2016, United Trust Bank focus on customer needs with a bespoke, tailored service. The lender offers a range of dedicated services with expertise and in-depth knowledge in a variety of sectors. With an extensive range of products, United Trust Bank is a leading lender for brokers, developers and individuals.

Founded in 1955, United Trust Bank has a long history of providing a range of financial services to suit individual needs. The bank is formed with a focus on extensive knowledge and experience which can help to reduce application times and ensures making decisions is as quick as possible.

With a range of products and services available, it enables the United Trust Bank to tailor products to specific needs and above all be flexible, considering all individual circumstances to allow customers to receive the right product for them.

United Trust Bank has a heavy focus on service excellence. By delivering high-quality service, they hope to retain customers and establish long-term relationships. With a range of products available, it is easy to see why customers can enjoy a commitment to United Trust Bank, with borrowers receiving the support they need and savers experiencing competitive interest rates.

Trust & Reputation

Rated 5/5

Since 1955, United Trust Bank has built a reputation for their quality, bespoke services where every individual is considered, and products can be completely tailored to be flexible and entrepreneurial. Their reputation is also enhanced by their regulatory compliance and commitment to a range of industry bodies.

The FCA regulates United Trust Bank. Also, the business is a member of a range of best practice and industry leading bodies. Being members of UK Finance and patrons of NACFB to name just a few, enables United Trust Bank to stay ahead of their competitors by also adopting industry-leading techniques and establish a strengthened network with their membership.

United Trust Bank make sure to publish their corporate governance, regulatory information as well as financial reports so that customers can make a thoroughly informed decision before conducting business with the bank. With the bank’s evident strength in the market, customers can feel comfortable with borrowing and saving.

Expertise & knowledge

Rated 5/5

One commitment from United Trust Bank is that they have a range of experienced specialists operating in each sector so that customers can be sure of the information provided by their advisors. With detailed insight, customers can understand all of the products that may be suitable for them so that the bank and customer can make an informed decision together. With this level of expertise, it helps to build a mutually beneficial relationship.

Thanks to the knowledge and expertise of United Trust Bank, the bank has won many awards across the industry. In 2018, United Bank Trust has been awarded the ‘Best Business Savings – Fixed Rate’ in the Moneynet Personal Finance Awards. In the Saving Champions 2018 Annual Award, United Trust Bank received the ‘Best Charity Account Provider’ and ‘Best Customer Service’ accolade.

In fact, United Trust Bank has a range of awards across all sectors. From secured loans, second charge mortgages, savings and development lender, United Trust Bank have a variety of prizes showing expertise in all of their products and services. It is no surprise that the bank is a leader in the industry.

Customer Service

Rated 5/5

While there are currently no independent reviews of United Trust Bank, the bank does come recommended on a range of product review sites. For example, This Is Money, recommend the bank to their readership.

What is a testament to customer service is how the bank has a team of specialists covering every product and service to ensure that customers have access to the best possible knowledge so that they can make an informed decision. With a range of contact options, it makes the bank seem friendly and accessible which all adds to the high-quality service. Further proof of their commitment to customer service is the awards received. Savings Champion has awarded United Trust Bank with the Best Customer Service and Concierge Award for Customer Service thanks to their consistent, exceptional offering.